The GMC Sierra’s carbon fiber bed was built for bikers

The 2019 GMC Sierra features the world’s first carbon fiber pickup bed, but they didn’t just replace the existing steel panels with the lightweight material and call it a day.

GMC design director Helen Emsley says her team got very involved in the design of the new box floor and sides, which will be available as an option on Sierra AT4 and Denali models.



Instead of a weave like many carbon fiber components, it uses one-inch threads that are molded into forms. Mark Voss, the engineering lead on the project, says this makes it affordable to produce and offers even more flexibility than metal in how it can be shaped.

An avid motorcycle rider on Emsley’s design team put this to good use, by adding a number of useful features you won’t find on the standard steel bed.

The ridges are textured like a bedliner to offer more grip for securing items, but the bottom of the grooves between them are smoother to make the whole thing easier to clean. This is handy for a lot of uses, but the next innovation is for bikers only.

2019 GMC Sierra Denali CarbonPro Bed


At the top of the front bed wall there are three notches, the center one wider than the other two. They’re the perfect size for the front tires of either two dirt bikes, or one fat hog. Surely someone will think of other uses for them, but that’s what they’re inteded for.

2019 GMC Sierra Denali CarbonPro Bed materials


Voss says the carbon bed is stronger and more dent and scratch resistant than the steel version, and that it can be spot-repaired if you do manage to crack it. It’s also comprised of six parts, so it can be replaced in sections if necessary and won’t be terribly expensive to fix, but pricing for it and the rest of the all-new truck won’t be announced closer to its launch this fall.

WOW Air passengers lose flight, luggage due to bug infestation

Passengers aboard an Icelandic airliner had to abandon their plane – and their belongings – because of an ant infestation, according to a report.

The WOW Air flight from Reykjavik was held in containment Monday in Montreal, Canada, after the tiny stowaways were spotted on board, according to CBC News. Marco Lavecchia was on the five-hour flight when he awoke from a nap and noticed a commotion near an overhead bin.

“There was some ants crawling around. It kind of freaked me out a little bit,” he told the Canadian news outlet. After landing, the captain announced that they’d have to stay put.

“Finally, after two hours, they let us know that, ‘OK, you have to leave all your personal items on the airplane and a bus is going to pick us up to take us to the baggage check area,’” Lavecchia said. That included all of their carry-on luggage and coats.

“After that whole process, we had to leave the airport with a T-shirt,” he said. “They gave us a blanket and a water bottle.”

Passenger Renée Levaque said she was forced to leave behind her bags and winter clothing because of the tiny stowaways.

“We were promised that our luggage would be delivered the very next day. It was poorly handled. They weren’t prepared. They absolutely weren’t prepared for that,” Levaque said Thursday.

The Quebec City resident — who stayed with her daughter in the Montreal area after the flight — said she headed back to the airport, where she paid $24 for parking, and tried to retrieve her belongings.

“The WOW representative at the airport said, ‘I have no information for you, you should ask customs.’ The man at customs said, ‘I have no information for you, you have to talk to the WOW representative,’” she said.

After getting the runaround, Levaque said she left in frustration and returned to Quebec City, where she worked the phones. She said she was asked to leave a message with her name, phone number and luggage number.

“The thing is, I have no luggage number! I had to leave my stuff on the plane! I tried calling again — to no avail, no answer back,” Levaque said.

Health officials told CBC News that they had been in touch with entomologists for help identifying the ant species. Various government agencies found that the critters posed “no significant risk to public health.”

Wow Air said the “aircraft was treated in accordance to standard procedures.”

Texas restaurant donates Friday profits to family of teen killed in hit-and-run: ‘She had a heart of gold’

A representative for Pasta Company could not be reached for comment when contacted by Fox News.

The high school junior was killed after a driver fatally struck her Tuesday outside of King High School. Garza was walking with friends to get an after-school snack when the incident occured, Kimberly Castillo Lawson, Garza’s cousin, told Fox News. Garza’s 15-year-old friend, Madi, was also struck by the driver and was transported to a local hospital in critical condition, she said.

rai ane and friend

Rai-ane Garza (right) poses with her friend Madi (left) before their school’s homecoming dance.  (Kimberly Castillo Lawson)

Lawson said she and her family are thankful for all the support they’ve received from the Corpus Christi community.

“We are really grateful to the community. We are grieving, but we are also witnessing how everyone is coming together in her name and we are just thankful for that,” she said.

Lawson, who’s also managing a fundraiser for Garza’s funeral expenses, said she could tell her younger cousin had a “heart of gold” from the moment she was born, adding that the 16-year-old was “still our baby but was becoming a leading woman” in her own right.


Rai-ane Garza loved to sing, her cousin said.  (Kimberly Castillo Lawson)

She particularly enjoyed singing, Lawson said, adding that Garza, who celebrated her sweet sixteen in November, was a part of her high school’s choir.

“She could sing before she could talk,” Lawson said. “She first learned to sing ‘Ready to Run’ by the Dixie Chicks.”

The alleged driver, later identified as 42-year-old Elton Wayne Holmes Jr., was arrested shortly after the incident, but was bonded out of jail Wednesday on a $100,000 bail. According to The Caller Times, Holmes was back in jail Thursday night after he allegedly violated the conditions of his release. He is now being held without bail.

“If we could change the circumstances we would rather have our baby,” Lawson said. “But we just keep saying that we’re doing all of this for her.”

Pasta Company in Corpus Christi is located at 5630 Saratoga Blvd and at 128 S. Staples St. in Carmel Village.

Groupon apologizes after facing backlash over ads with racial slur

Groupon has issued an apology after several ads with racial slurs appeared on its site, but the company is still facing a wave of backlash following the incident.

People on social media are calling for a Groupon boycott after the discount retailer ran ads from third-party sellers featuring shoes available in “N-word brown,” with the derogatory word spelled out. The listings, from sellers Kojwa and Margines, were for women’s boots, which also came in Apricot, Black and Brown colors, according to the New York Post.


People on social media expressed outrage over the ad’s use of a racial slur.  (Twitter)

The retailer immediately removed the ads, banned the sellers from the site and issued an apology. “We are appalled that this language was displayed on our site,” Groupon said in an apology per the Post.

“This product description was provided by a third-party seller via our self-service platform. Regardless, this is completely unacceptable and violates our policies — to say nothing of our values.”

Despite the company’s reaction, people on social media still expressed their outrage over the offensive language.

“I will no longer purchase anything from Groupon due to boots you advertise for sale describing the color as n—-r-brown. Poor taste and highly offensive, but I’m glad you felt comfortable selling them….now I know how you really feel. No more of my $$$,” one person wrote.

“That’s disgusting!!! BOYCOTT GROUPON!!!” another commented.

“Groupon, here is a brilliant idea in order to avert a boycott -donate to the NAACP. It has a better n-word,” someone else suggested.

Others did point out that Groupon was just a third-party seller and shouldn’t be punished because of something another company wrote on its site.

“It’s not Groupon… it’s the retailer. Margines is the problem. Groupon has nothing to do with what a retailer does… they’re just a yellow pages. Know who to boycott. Don’t ruin the economy by boycotting all willie nillie,” someone commented.

Groupon did not immediately return Fox News’ request for comment.

Groupon isn’t the only retailer to come under fire for racist content recently. Heineken was called out this week for its “terribly racist” commercial with the slogan “sometimes lighter is better.” The beer company removed the ad after many who took offense to it expressed their concern on Twitter.

Some visa applicants may have to fork over social media information to State Dept.

The State Department is expected to publish a set of proposals Friday that would require some tourists and immigrants to provide information on their social media accounts before visiting the U.S., The Washington Times reported.

The proposals are part of a broader effort by the Trump administration to implement “extreme vetting” on immigration, the department said.

Travelers would also be required to provide phone numbers, email addresses, international travel and immigration issues within the last five years.

Travelers would also be required to answer questions about possible family connections to terrorism.

“This upgrade to visa vetting is long-overdue, and it’s appropriate to apply it to everyone seeking entry, because terrorism is a worldwide problem. The aim is to weed out people with radical or dangerous views,” Jessica Vaughan, policy studies director at the Center for Immigration Studies, told the paper.

According to the documents, approximately 14 million people would be affected by the new proposals and another 700,000 would be affected in the immigration system.

Don Crocetti, a former senior fraud investigator for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, said an individual’s refusal to turn over their social media accounts couldn’t alone be used to deny approval.

“The use of social media is a wrench in their toolbox. It’s not that you use that same wrench for everything you do, but it’s a wrench, it’s a different-sized tool, and you have use that selectively,” he said.

After publication, the proposals will allow 60 days for public comment before the policies are finalized later this year.

Father crashes daughter’s proposal, holds up sign reading ‘Say no’

It was a moment Allison Barron and Levi Bliss would remember for the rest of their lives.

No, we’re not talking about Levi’s proposal — although that was certainly memorable, too. We’re talking about the moment Allison’s dad, who was standing off in the distance, held a sign instructing his daughter to “Say no.”

proposal allison barron storyful

Jake Barron decided to troll his daughter Allison by holding the silly sign during her boyfriend’s proposal.  (Allison Barron via Storyful)

“This is really just my dad’s personality,” Allison told Buzzfeed News, assuring the site that, yes, her father Jake was only joking. “We have a very close family and so he’s made little jokes like this before.”

Allison and Levi, of Winnemucca, Nev., had been dating for two years before he popped the question this past Saturday, but Allison claims her father always approved of Levi. In fact, according to Allison, Jake and Levi actually get along quite well, and that the two often enjoy playing tennis and riding dirt bikes together.

“We both know my dad so well, we got the joke right away and found it funny,” said Allison, who added that she was actually in tears as Levi was proposing, but broke out into laughter after seeing her father and his sign.

The Internet, too, has been having a good laugh at Jake’s sign. Allison tweeted out photos from her engagement following Levi’s proposal, and they’ve since racked up over 223,000 likes.

Oh, and for anyone wondering, Allison ‘ignored’ her father’s wishes and said yes.